Lebara Internet Speed Test

Lebara Internet Speed Test checks how fast is your internet speed. Simply press ‘GO’ and Speed.is will test download, upload, ping, and jitter speed.

How to perform Lebara Internet Speed Test?

  1. Open a browser and type https://speed.is/uk/lebara/.
  2. Select a Host ISP or let it choose the optimal ISP automatically.
  3. Press the ‘GO’ button to start the Internet Speed Test.

Lebara is a telecommunications company that provides mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia. In these countries, Lebara provides pay-as-you-go and contract-based mobile SIM cards, and its brand is also licensed in four others.

Products and Services


Lebara provides high-speed internet services and various data plans to suit different user needs. Lebara Mobile offers 99% population coverage using Vodafone’s 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. It also offers 5G coverage in over 100 UK towns and cities.

Sim Only Deals

Lebara offers a free SIM card to order and use with any plan. You can order a SIM card online without a contract or credit check. Furthermore, Lebara offers a variety of contract-free SIM-only deals that include a certain amount of data, minutes, and texts for a monthly fee.

Top Up

Lebara offers a top-up service that allows you to add credit to your Lebara account. Top-ups are available through SMS, website, or at various outlets nationwide. Using this credit, you may purchase any of Lebara’s services.


Lebara offers affordable roaming services, allowing you to use your phone abroad without worrying about high costs. They offer roaming add-ons that allow you to use your mobile phone overseas in 15 destinations, including the USA, Canada, and Turkey. 

UK Add-Ons 

You can add additional services to your plan, such as extra data, international minutes, etc. These add-ons are helpful if you consume plan data volume, SMS, and call minutes before expiry.

Lebara Customer Support

Phone Number:

Lebara Sim : Dial 5588

Other networks or outside the UK: +44 207 0310791





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